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Comcast in Wenatchee, Washington Compared to DIRECTV

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When you're trying to find a service provider for your home, one option is Comcast. Wenatchee is home to lots of residents and commercial customers who use Comcast XFINITY TV, Internet and phone services. So, if you're new to the area or you're trying to find a service provider for your commercial interest, Comcast in Wenatchee might be right for you.

About Comcast in Wenatchee, Washington

Comcast is one of the largest providers of cable, Internet and phone service. Homes and businesses across the country use Comcast and this, of course, includes Wenatchee. Comcast offers their XFINITY service which provides video, Internet and voice plans, bundles and promotions to more than 30 states in North America.

Comcast Wenatchee, WA Services and Availability

Thousands of homes and businesses get their service through Comcast. Wenatchee is just one example and one possibility for anyone looking to start a home or a business venture in the area. If you are curious about the cities where Comcast is available, consult the following list:

E WenatcheeEast WenatcheeGrant Road AdditionKenroy
LeavenworthMalagaMerrittMission Square
PearcotPeshastinPlainRock Island
TelmaWenatchee HeightsWest WenatcheeWinton

You can also call today in order to find out how Comcast measures up against competitors like DIRECTV.

Comcast Cable

XFINITY TV packages come in a variety of sizes and prices with programming ranging from popular channels to news, sports and more.

  • Limited Basic – Over 10 channels of local programming.
  • Digital Starter – More than 100 channels of popular programming.
  • Digital Premier – There are over 200 channels including premium channels and more.

Those are just some of the XFINITY TV packages offered. Check online to learn more about these and other television packages available in your area.


There are a variety of XFINITY Internet packages and listed below are just a few examples to choose from:

  • Economy Plus – Up to 3 Mbps.
  • Performance with Blast!® – Speeds up to 50 Mbps for streaming online videos and more.
  • Extreme 105 – Offers speeds up to 105 Mbps ideal for a multitude of online tasks.


The XFINITY Voice Unlimited® plan offers local and nationwide calling plans as well as the following features:

  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • Speed Dial

See If Comcast in Wenatchee, WA is Right for You

If you're new to the neighbor or bringing a business to Wenatchee, Comcast might be what you're looking for. Just make sure you shop around before you decide on Comcast or any other service provider in your area. Comcast might not be the only option and it might not be the best. You should always do your research before signing up with a service provider.

You can also call today and learn more about how Comcast shapes up against other service providers like DIRECTV.

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