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Windstream Danvers

If you're looking for affordable television service in MN and live in a Windstream Communications service area, combining your television service with your telephone and/or Internet service can often save you a considerable amount of money.

About Windstream

Windstream Communications was founded in 2006 when it merged with Valor Communications (formerly GTE). The Little Rock-based company offers telecommunications services to residential and business customers throughout the Midwest, Southeast and Southwestern United States. Windstream's Danvers , MN coverage area includes primarily rural and small town markets that surround the big cities. Although telephone service is the company's primary product, Windstream also offers high-speed Internet access and digital, satellite television service.

Windstream television products

Windstream Danvers , MN offers a variety of packages with more than 275 channels, including a generous array of HD channels. Windstream also offers customers the option of choosing any or all of the most popular premium channels, including HBO, Showtime and MLB Extra Innings, and they offer a diverse range of pay-per-view events, such as concerts, sporting events and boxing matches.

Unique to Winstream Danvers is the free iPad2 service that allows customers to view their programming from anywhere via their iPad or other tablet device. Programming devices give customers the option to view their programming from any television in the home and the move from television to television without interrupting the program or movie. Windstream also offers a Primetime Anytime service that lets customers automatically record up to three hours of programming and save it for viewing for up to eight days.

With Windstream, there are often introductory specials that include things such as lower monthly rates for a set period of time (usually one year) and free premium channels for a set period of time (usually three or six months.)

Other Windstream Danvers , Minnesota products

In addition to telephone and television service, Windstream Danvers , Minnesota offers high-speed DSL Internet service. The company offers a variety of bundles with two or three of their services at prices that are generally lower than purchasing each service separately.

If you live in a Windstream Danvers service area, combining your landline telephone service and/or your Internet access with DISH Network satellite television service via Windstream can save you a considerable amount of money. Before you purchase your satellite television service as a separate entity, check with Windstream Danvers , Minnesota . That call could likely save you money each and every month.

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