WOW! Cable

WOW! Is the ninth largest cable provider in the United States and prides itself on doing business differently from most other cable companies.

The History of the WOW! Cable Company

In November 1999, WOW! planted its roots in Denver, Colorado. After two years of network building, the company was serving a humble customer base of roughly 200 people in the Denver area. In November 2001, WOW! Cable acquired Americast, rocketing its customer base to over 300,000 people across Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado and Indiana. Roughly a decade later, the WOW! cable company acquired Broadstripe LLC and Knology, growing to over 800,000 customers. The company continues to pursue new markets. WOW! is privately owned by Avista Capital Partners.

WOW! Values

WOW! describes its process as personable and its employees as honest, sincere and fun-loving. In a 2009 Consumer Reports survey, the WOW! cable company was named the top TV and Internet provider in the country. According to the Wowway website, WOW! prides itself on four core values:

  1. Respect - Treating others as you wish to be treated.
  2. Integrity - Doing the right thing.
  3. Accountability - Taking responsibility and finding solutions.
  4. Servanthood - Preferring to serve others rather than being served.

WOW! pays attention to customers at the macro and micro levels by looking at national ratings and listening to individual requests. They admit to how frustrating it is for customers to be at the mercy of the big programming networks and strive to offer as many options as possible. WOW!’s goal is to let customers choose exactly what channels they want so they can watch more and pay less.

How the WOW! Cable Company Does Things Differently

WOW! is all about doing things its own way to give customers maximum satisfaction. The company aims to limit the power big broadcasters have over viewers. You can read customer reviews on wowmoments.com.

  • Make offers clear and easy to understand
  • Provide easy installation options at flexible times
  • Listen to and genuinely care about customer concerns
  • Resolve customer issues in one call
  • Provide local offices to better serve customers

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The Wowway Website

The Wowway website in unique in that in provides information about how the cable industry operates, and addresses customer concerns such as:

  • Why cable prices are rising
  • Why customers have to pay for channels they don’t want
  • What makes up a monthly cable service bill
  • Why sports channels are so expensive whether customers want them or not
  • Why broadcasters have so much power
  • How WOW! chooses the channels it offers
  • How WOW! is working to give customers greater choice and lower bills
  • How WOW! construction processes may affect homes and businesses

The WOW! Cable Company at a Glance:

Name: WOW! (formerly WideOpenWest)

Services offered: Digital cable TV, broadband Internet, phone

Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

Service area: Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Kansas, South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa

Did You Know? In the 2013 National Top Workplaces survey conducted by Workplace Dynamics to gauge engagement, health and satisfaction, WOW! ranked 66th out of the 872 companies that participated.