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Founded in 2004, Allegiance Communications provides broadband Internet, home phone and cable TV services to over 40,000 customers. Based out of Shawnee, Oklahoma, Allegiance operates primarily in rural and mid-size markets in multiple Midwestern and Southern states.

Allegiance Communications Services

Allegiance offers a variety of services to connect homes or businesses. Some of their available services include:

Allegiance Cable TV

Allegiance cable TV offers customers a choice between Standard and Digital service. The Basic Cable package provides local broadcast networks, local access channels and cable network favorites at an affordable price.

The Digital option offers more entertainment with access to premium movie channel subscriptions, digital music channels and Pay Per View titles. High-definition programming is also available in limited areas with Allegiance cable TV.

Allegiance Internet Service

Allegiance customers in certain areas can also get broadband Internet service for their homes. Customers can choose between several different Allegiance packages with varying Internet speeds.

The Residential Limited plan includes download speeds of up to 512 K and upload speeds of up 256 K, perfect for browsing the web and email.

The Residential Small package offers higher download and upload speeds for Internet users who require more bandwidth for picture and videos.

Residential Standard is the most popular Allegiance package with faster speeds designed to power households with multiple Internet users.

Allegiance Telephone Service

With an integrated broadband modem or a broadband modem and VoIP modem customers can get Allegiance digital telephone service. Home phone plans include standard call features as well as extras like Three Way Calling, Caller ID and voice mail.

Business Packages

In addition to home service, Allegiance also offers business communications solutions. Both small and large business owners in available service areas can get connected using:

  • Business Class Phone
  • Business Class Internet
  • Business Class Cable Television

There are also bundle options available to package multiple services together.

Allegiance Availability

Allegiance Communications is not available in in every part of the country. Their service area includes certain rural and mid-size markets in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Allegiance services are one option for residents of the following areas:


TV Service Availability In Your Area

Since Allegiance is not available everywhere it is important to find out if you live within an applicable service area. Visit their website to learn more about the different services available for homes and businesses in certain states.


Data collected 11/10/14 from www.allegiance.tv