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Bresnan Communications has been a leading service provider since 1984. Originally providing only for the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, Bresnan Communications soon spread to Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Wisconsin. In 1994, the company also ventured into international distribution starting in Chile and Poland.

In 1999, Bresnan Communications was considering an IPO as AT&T began cornering the market. Soon after, Cable Communications purchased Bresnan Communication's US-based services. In 2002, Bresnan Communications came back into the market in Colorado, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming. Today, Bresnan Communications operates in these areas under the title Charter Communications.

Bresnan Cable Services

Bresnan is currently available under the flagship of Charter Communications, and they offer three main cable packages. From smallest to largest, the packages include Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver, and Triple Play Gold which is the most comprehensive plan available. These packages all come with a DVR.

Triple Play Select includes:

  • Over 125 channels
  • Free HD services
  • 60 Mbsp Internet
  • Unlimited nationwide calling

Triple Play Silver includes:

  • Over 175 channels
  • Premium networks
  • 60 Mbsp Internet
  • Unlimited nationwide calling

Triple Play Gold includes:

  • Over 200 Channels
  • Premium networks
  • Free HD
  • 60 Mbsp Internet
  • Unlimited nationwide calling

Additional Bresnan Offers

There are also additional and customizable offers available. These include adding voice, extra Internet bandwidth, and controlling the channel range. These bundles are generally available year-round although the prices and conditions are likely to change seasonally.

Bresnan Internet

Bresnan Communications offers Internet services both in a standalone and bundled option. The base product includes:

  • Wi-Fi
  • High-speed Internet speeds beginning at 60 Mbps for downloads
  • 4 Mbps for uploads
  • Large bandwidth designed for multiple-device usage
  • Security Suite application freely available for up to three devices
  • Parental block for all compatible devices

The basic Internet package is designed for families and individuals wishing to use a steady amount of bandwidth throughout the month. The speeds and bandwidth are strong enough to support:

  • Quick upload times for pictures, videos, and files
  • Uninterrupted streaming
  • Gaming
  • Downloading and transferring files
  • Browsing

Bresnan Home Phone

Bresnan Communications also offers a home phone service that features all of the essential functions including:

  • 3-way calling
  • Caller ID
  • Forwarding
  • Selective call acceptance

The phone plan also includes the option for international calling at a rate beginning at 3-cents a minute. For those wishing to make a large number of international calls, the Worldwide 250 Calling Plan provides 250 minutes of calling to 195 countries.

Bresnan Availability

Bresnan Communications is available in Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. While Bresnan Communications is the title-company, these services will be presented and provided under the Charter Communications umbrella.


Visit either Bresnan Communications' or Charter Communications’ website today to find the best plan in your service area.

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