Cable Deals: Preparation Before the Pursuit

Everybody likes a good deal, but why do some deals seem so hard to find? When it comes to cable deals and cable specials, you’ll probably need a good bit of preparation before you go bargain-hunting.

If you have trouble finding cable deals in your area, remember that many satellite TV providers offer nationwide deals that compare favorably with regional cable specials.

Finding Cable Deals and Acting on Them

Successfully locating cable specials is only part of the process. Once you find them, you’ll need to look at the offers in context and decide whether they’re worth the time to pursue.

Casting a wide net

When you search for deals on cable TV, it’s imperative to keep your eyes – and ears – wide open. Potentially interesting offers could turn up in any number of different places, including:

You might even try the word-of-mouth approach, asking friends and coworkers about their level of satisfaction with the value of their cable service.

However, there’s no need to make your search for savings more difficult than it has to be – especially when satellite TV services offer many viable alternatives to cable deals.

Looking for additional packages

Sometimes cable company websites don’t list all of their available programming packages in one place. In those instances, you’ll need to drill down further to see if you can locate lower-priced packages that aren’t displayed with the rest of the plans.

The idea is to locate better cable deals or cheap cable tv, if possible, by looking beyond the featured packages for economy packages that may be displayed less prominently.

Bundling options

A number of providers offer bundles that combine cable TV with other services, such as phone and Internet. Sometimes these bundles provide savings, although satellite TV bundles offer similar discounts on Internet and phone service too.

A potential drawback for cable bundles involves billing statements. Some consumers may not feel comfortable with this system if the statement doesn’t break down the charges per service so that they can see how much they’re paying for cable, phone and Internet individually.

Think fast

If you come across an attractive offer, be ready to look into it immediately. Cable specials are frequently promoted as limited-time offers, which means that consumers have a small window of opportunity to take advantage of them.

At the same time, remember that your monthly bill will increase once the offer period expires. Consumer advocates recommend renegotiating limited-time deals before the clock runs out, so you would need to keep an eye on your calendar.

Finding Room for Savings on TV Service

Like any business, the cable TV industry wants to achieve a balance between two objectives: (1) adding and retaining customers and (2) remaining profitable. The space between those goals may leave some room for consumers like you to find savings, if they know how and where to look.

Of course, cable deals aren’t the only source of affordable television service. To learn more about your TV options beyond cable, call the number on your screen.