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Considering Comcast? Mount Juliet Has DIRECTV Too!

Are you looking for a new TV provider? Contrary to what the local cable company wants you to think, you have options. Before settling with Comcast in Mount Juliet, or any other TV provider, it's important to know your options and their features – that way you know you're getting the best value.

You'll find information on Comcast and how it compares to DIRECTV below. See just how different the two services are, and get the most for your money. Call today for more information about how Comcast in Mount Juliet compares to DIRECTV.

Comcast in Mount Juliet has limited availability – DIRECTV is available nearly everywhere

Comcast is currently available in 38 states, and may be available in your area of Mount Juliet, TN. However, the necessary cable lines that support Comcast can limit where service is available. Before choosing a service that may not even be available, consider a service that you can get just about anywhere.

DIRECTV is available in all 50 states. You don't need a cable line run specifically to your home to get DIRECTV – all you need is a clear view of the southern sky. And, DIRECTV has a 99% worry-free signal reliability, so you can count on service being available and reliable.1

DIRECTV's availability makes transferring service when you move simple. Don't worry about finding a new cable provider after your move. DIRECTV service is likely available wherever life takes you in the U.S.

DIRECTV can give you more channels for your money than Comcast in Mount Juliet

DIRECTV and Comcast in Mount Juliet offer multiple channel packages, so you can choose the one that delivers the channel lineup you want. Are HD channels at the top of your list? DIRECTV has over 200 full-time HD channels.2

Comcast XFINITY channel packages:

  • Limited Basic – 10+ channels
  • Digital Economy – 45+ channels
  • Digital Starter – 140+ channels
  • Digital Preferred – 220+ channels
  • Digital Premier – 260+ channels

DIRECTV channel packages:

  • SELECT™ – 145+ channels
  • ENTERTAINMENT – 150+ channels
  • CHOICE™ – 175+ channels
  • XTRA – 220+ channels
  • ULTIMATE – 240+ channels
  • PREMIER™ – 315+ channels

Prices for each package may vary, and you'll want to check the cost of each before committing to one. You may find that DIRECTV packages will give you more channels for your money than Comcast Mount Juliet service. For example, you may be able to get DIRECTV's ULTIMATE package, with over 240 channels, for less than you'll pay for the 140+ channels you get with Comcast's Digital Starter package.

Get more for your money by choosing DIRECTV. Call today for price and promotional offer information on channel packages.

Comcast in Mount Juliet isn’t the only way to bundle services – DIRECTV does it, too

Bundling Internet and phone with your TV service is convenient and it could save you some money upfront and on your monthly bill. Comcast Mount Juliet offers packages that bundle TV, Internet and phone, but they aren't your only option if you want to combine services.

DIRECTV also offers bundling services for Internet and phone. To build your bundle, DIRECTV connects you to leading providers in your area. This means you can likely get a DIRECTV + Internet bundle anywhere you can get a Comcast bundle. It also means you can get a DIRECTV + Internet in places you won't be able to get a Comcast bundle.

If you're interested in the benefits of bundling TV, Internet and phone services, you can do it with DIRECTV. Call now to hear about DIRECTV + Internet + phone bundling options in Mount Juliet.

Want advanced technology and features? Choose DIRECTV over Comcast in Mount Juliet

Technology is constantly changing the way we watch television. The X1, Comcast's HD DVR, has storage space comparable to other devices and allows you to record up to five shows at once, among other features.

What makes the X1 different from other HD DVR devices out there? What you have to do to get it. You can only get the X1 from Comcast when you sign up for specific bundling packages.

You're not forced into a package you don't want or need to get advanced HD DVR technology. The Genie® from DIRECTV has many features, and it's available with the package you want.3 With the Genie, you can:

  • Eliminate recording conflicts – record up to 5 shows at once4
  • Avoid storage restrictions – store up to 200 hours of HD programming5
  • Discover new shows – get recommendations based on what you like to watch6
  • Connect your whole home – wirelessly connect up to 8 TVs to one HD DVR7

If advanced HD DVR technology is a must, you don't have to go to Comcast in Mount Juliet to get it. Call today to order DIRECTV and get the Genie with any package.

About Comcast in Mount Juliet and DIRECTV

Comcast is one of the largest cable companies in the world. They offer TV, Internet and phone services in various locations across 38 states. Comcast has millions of customers and is the nation's biggest provider of cable services.

As America's #1 satellite service, DIRECTV is also a leader in the TV industry. For the 16th year in a row, DIRECTV rated higher in customer satisfaction than cable.8

Call today to choose DIRECTV over Comcast in Mount Juliet.

You don't have to settle for Comcast in Mount Juliet because you can order DIRECTV today. For added value, bundle your TV package with Internet and phone services. Call now for availability and pricing on DIRECTV packages for your home.

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