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Founded in 1991 as MJD Communications, FairPoint Communications offers customers more than 100 years of combined communications experience. Operating in 17 states spread across the country, the telecommunications company serves as the largest network provider in New England. Serving mostly rural areas, FairPoint provides its clients with 90 percent broadband availability in service areas.

FairPoint Communications Services

FairPoint Communications delivers a broad range of telecommunications service to its clients, which includes public institutions and private businesses, residential customers and wholesale clients. Featuring a fast and reliable network, FairPoint offers Internet, television and home telephone services. Residential customers can choose from the following services and packages, depending on availability in each region.

FairPoint TV

Based on specific regions, the FairPoint TV packages may vary. Features include the following:

  • Variety - Packages offer local, national, news, sports, entertainment and educational programming. With access to as many as 285 channels, customers will find plenty of entertainment throughout the day.
  • Quality and Features - Features include On Demand, DVR, HD, HD 1080p. Entertainment options might also include digital music and special premium movie channels.

FairPoint Internet

FairPoint offers Internet service, as well as TV and Internet bundles. Internet packages may include the following:

  • 4 Mbps - This package is best for checking email and light web browsing.
  • 15 Mbps - This package is best for web surfers, downloading fans and gaming.
  • 30 Mbps - A full-strength fiber network for connections for multiple devices, streaming HD video, accessing large stores of data and more.

FairPoint Home Phone

Home phones, or landlines, may seem like they are on the wane in modern technology, but it always helps to keep a safety net in case of a long-term power outage due to inclement weather. With FairPoint, phone options include Local Calling plan, a plan that includes Domestic Long-Distance Calling and a plan for International Calling.

FairPoint Communications Availability

While FairPoint Communications does not offer its packages everywhere, here are a few spots where customers are likely to find service and the most appealing packages for their lifestyle through FairPoint Communications.

With a huge customer base in New England in states such as Massachusetts, customers can also find FairPoint Communications in Midwestern states such as Ohio and Indiana, Southern states like Florida and Georgia, and they can also find this communications server as far west as Washington State.

FairPoint operates in the following areas:

MissouriNew HampshireNew YorkNorth Carolina

Compare TV Providers

In service areas where FairPoint Communications does not deliver service, customers will find several other reliable TV providers. It is worth it for prospective customers to do their research about these companies to make sure they have services and packages that meet their needs before making a commitment.

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