Insight Cable

Insight Cable, or Insight Communications, has been taken over by technology giant Time Warner, and with this takeover comes nationally guaranteed television, Internet and phone services. Insight was the ninth largest cable operator, with 800,000+ subscribers in the states of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. With the takeover by Time Warner Cable, the variety of services offered to existing consumers has increased. Insight provides service to both home and business, thereby catering to a wide range of service requirements.

Cable TV

Insight Communication improves television experience with high-definition channels that range from sports to politics. On Demand and Pay-Per-View offer over 15,000+ shows and movies are available at just the tap of a button. Time Warner Cable also offers an on-screen channel guide, that lists the time and description of episodes that are to air. In addition, with Look Back, customers can see primetime episode up to three days after they have actually aired. To watch shows as they are airing, Start Over restarts an episode, so that viewers can watch the entire show, without missing the beginning. Plus, with TWC Channels, television will stream to any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets, with just one simple subscription.


Insight Cable provides a multitude of services designed to integrate your home phone into your life, by making it more accessible. With VoiceZone, messages and settings are available from the road, so that messages can be checked no matter where you are. In addition, Insight will display the caller ID on the TV, so that you can get to every call in time. Most uniquely though, Global Penny Phone Plan provides pay-as-you-go service to over 40 countries, with rates as low as a penny per minute to some countries. For a more traditional option, the International OnePrice plan provides 1,000+ minutes per month to over 100 countries, so that you can stay in contact with your friends and family at home, no matter where you go, Plus, three way calling allows you to communicate with multiple people at once, so you don’t have to tell the same story twice.

By combining these various services into customizable packages, Time Warner offers business services that meet the needs to every business, regardless of the size or service. From political campaigns, where phone banking is common procedure, to a restaurant where service is required for reservations, Time Warner makes sure that your business package provides what you need.


Perfect for the casual web surfer or researcher, Time Warner’s home service provides Wi-Fi hotspots, and home Wi-Fi that connects printers, scanners and computers in the home to create an entire network. Plus, with parent controls and Internet security McAfee software, the entire network will be safe from viruses and safe for children.

Insight Communications, now a part of the Time Warner Cable Company family, provides high speed Internet access, integrated home phone systems and a plethora of channels to improve your entire home or business environment. Provided in areas such as Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, Time Warner’s customizable communication plans ensure that your platform will be matched to your needs.