Oceanic Cable

Oceanic Cable connects television, Internet and phone services into manageable packages that fit the needs of every consumer. Whether you desire a large variety of channels, or a huge number of phone minutes, Oceanic Time Warner will fit your needs with its flexible pricing policy.

Cable Television

Oceanic Cable provides hundreds of channels to fit everyone’s needs, including networks from the Philippines and Japan, sports and recreation and current events. Plus with Digital Video Recording (DVR), you can save shows to watch for later, so that you never miss any episode. Standard Programming gives access to ESPN, CNN, MTV, E!, ABC, etc. Customers can upgrade to Digital Variety Pak, which confers access to BBC, NFL, Nick Jr., Lifetime and music channels. Premium channels then include HBO and Showtime. Upgrading packages also gives access to High Definition channels and On Demand. Digital Video Recording (DVR) is available as an add-on package, as long as a DVR machine is available, DVR allows you to pause live TV shows, watch one show while recording another and store 80+ hours of television.


With three levels of service, Oceanic Cable fits phone plans to every level of island connectivity. The My Island Plan uses the provides the least expensive local home phone service which includes Caller ID on the TV, three way calling, call waiting and call forwarding. The statewide plan provides unlimited calling to anywhere in Hawaii with a free no-hassle installation and a 30-day money back guarantee. The nationwide plan gives unlimited access to calls to the United States, Canada, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, Guam and U.S. Virgin Islands. And with International OnePrice, Oceanic Cable provides 1,000 minutes per month to over 100 countries, without surprises at the end of the month, The global penny phone plan provides international phone rates to 40 countries for as low as 1 cent per minute.


Oceanic Time Warner Cable Internet access is available almost everywhere statewide with the exception of a few tall corporate and apartment buildings. However, most of these are being upgraded with high-bandwidth capacity. Time Warner provides a variety of customizable plans from lite to ultimate. The major variance between these plans is the difference in bandwidth allotted to each. Extreme and Ultimate plans are ideal for families with multiple users who need to use the Internet at the same time.

Oceanic Time Warner Cable provides phone, Internet and cable service to the people of Hawaii. With its variety of plans and customizable options, Oceanic Cable provides the perfect fit for all customers and their budgets.