Qwest Compared to DIRECTV

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About Qwest Communications

Qwest Corporation was acquired by CenturyLink in April 2010 and began operating under this name in August 2011. CenturyLink is one of the largest telecommunications companies in America, offering data and voice services and solutions to businesses and consumers. They also offer entertainment services under the partnered brand DIRECTV.

Qwest Communications Services

Qwest customers can still receive their telephone, Internet and television services through CenturyLink as well as home security services and business solutions.


CenturyLink offers programming, packages, and equipment through their partnership with the DIRECTV brand. This means customers can gain access to features like:

  • English Packages – Some packages offer over 250 channels.
  • Spanish Packages – Over 250 channels including Spanish-language programming.
  • Equipment – Customers can choose from a variety of receiver options.


Customers can choose high-speed Internet or bundle it with a Home Phone service. Depending on the area, existing customers may also be able to upgrade to faster speeds.

  • Speeds – Internet speeds offered can feature download speeds of up to 40 Mbps.
  • Equipment – Networking modems are offered, allowing up to five computers to connect to the network. The wireless adapter they sell for PC users can show available networks.


Home phone services can offer customers multiple options for staying connected. Landline systems can be connected to security systems, as well.

  • Plans – Different phone plans are offered with some offering Nationwide calling features.
  • International Plans – Over a hundred countries can be reached through this plan in addition to other features.
  • Calling Features – Depending on the plan, features can include Voice mail, No solicitation, and Caller ID.

Home Security

CenturyLink's home security services come in different plans with each offering different equipment and prices. Customers can choose which plan works for them and gain access to features like:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Motion Detection
  • Remote Video Monitoring

Qwest Communications Availability

Whether you still refer to it as Qwest Corporation or CenturyLink, you can click on the link for your state below to learn more.

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Is the Qwest Corporation Right For You?

Qwest offered these services to consumers and businesses alike and CenturyLink continues this. However, you may find that this provider is not your only choice in the area. You should consider all possibilities before making a decision. CenturyLink facilitates TV programming needs through their partnership with DIRECTV, and you can see how they measure up to one another by reading the following.

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