Cable TV Regional Providers

Regional TV Providers in your area

Which local TV companies offer service in your area? Check out some details about regional TV providers in the United States to learn more!

Finding regional TV providers where you live

Learn more about these regional TV companies from around the country.


Allegiance offers cable, Internet and home phone services available to residents of Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.


Astound provides cable, Internet and home phone service. Service from Astound may be available in select areas of California.

Blue Ridge Communications

Blue Ridge Communications provides digital cable through a fiber optic network. Customers in areas of Pennsylvania may be able to receive TV, Internet and phone service from Blue Ridge.


In 2010, Bresnan Communications was rebranded as Optimum. As of February 2013, the Optimum brand was purchased by Charter Communications.

Bright House

Bright House Networks provides digital TV, phone and Internet in areas of a few states, with most of their customers in Florida.


Buckeye CableSystem offers digital cable TV, Internet and phone. Buckeye is located in Toledo, Ohio, and operates in surrounding areas of the state.


Cable ONE, headquartered in Arizona, is currently one of the largest cable TV providers in the country. Customers in areas of more than 15 states may be able to receive TV, Internet and home phone service from Cable ONE.


Cablevision was rebranded as Optimum until Charter purchased the Optimum West brand in February 2013.


Charter Communications is one of the largest cable providers in the country. Charter TV, Internet and home phone service is available in areas of 25+ states.


FairPoint offers standalone TV, Internet and phone service packages, or bundles of all three. Most of FairPoint’s service areas are in rural locations in 15+ states.


In 2011, Time Warner Cable purchased Insight Communications. Insight service was then replaced with Time Warner Cable for telecommunications customers.


Mediacom is one of the country’s largest cable TV providers, with service available in areas of 20+ states in the United States. Mediacom also provides satellite Internet and phone service.

Oceanic Cable

Oceanic Cable is Time Warner Cable’s TV service in the state of Hawaii.


In 2011, Qwest Communications was acquired by CenturyLink, a telecommunications company.


Suddenlink provides cable broadband services in areas of 15+ states.


SureWest service may be available in areas of California and areas surrounding Kansas City, offering telephone, Internet and TV service.


Windstream provides satellite TV through DISH Network, plus Windstream Internet and home phone service. Windstream services are available in rural markets across more than 20+ states.

WOW! Cable

WOW! is one of the largest cable companies in the United States, offering services in areas of more than 10+ states.

No regional TV providers in your area?

Don’t worry — even if none of these providers offers service to your address, you can still receive excellent TV at home. Satellite TV providers like DIRECTV offer service to 100% of American households, so you won’t have to worry about availability issues!

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