Learn About Satellite TV

Satellite providers deliver programming to your home by means of a satellite that orbits in outer space. This satellite streams your TV signal directly to an external dish at your home and then is processed through your indoor television receiver to give you the channels you want to watch! Because the signal comes from outer space, satellite companies such as DIRECTV can service 100% of U.S. homes – all that is required is a clear view of the Southern sky.

Choose from the Nation’s Top Providers

DIRECTV and DISH Network are the two most popular satellite television companies in the U.S. Select either of these providers below to learn more!


DIRECTV is America’s #1 satellite TV service. Founded in 1990, this provider now has over 30 million subscribers. DIRECTV’s satellite packages offer more than 315 channels. In addition to satellite television, DIRECTV offers bundle packages to provide high-speed Internet and home phone service. DIRECTV is also known for customer satisfaction. For the 16th year in a row, DIRECTV rated higher in customer satisfaction than cable. As compared to major subscription cable TV providers: 2001- 2016. 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index.


DISH, also known as DISH Network, is a satellite television company that was founded in 1996. As of today, DISH serves over 14 million people. DISH offers a variety of satellite television packages as well as bundle packages that include Internet and home phone. The DISH TV packages have over 320 channels.